On 27 July 1944, a B-25 bomber of the 418th Night Fighter Squadron made a crash landing in a sago swamp in the Netherlands New Guinea after being hit in an engine and rudders during an attack on Japanese barges.


The crash landing set in motion a rescue operation to bring the crew back from behind enemy lines, some 300 kilometres from  the nearest Allied base on Biak island. 

An international team from Australia, the US, the Netherlands - Indies and with help from local Papua villagers, set out for a three week rescue mission.


In 2017 a Dutch team of historical aviation researchers, technicians, jungle specialists and a photographer started the project to research the story of this remarkable aircraft, mission and rescue. In early 2019, they went into the swamp in the Birds Head peninsula of West Papua for the first time to see if they could find the wreck.


The goals for the project:

  • Research and tell the story through a book, movie or documentary, exhibition(s) and lectures
  • Search for the plane wreck and research the crash landing and survival
  • Honour the crew, the rescue team and the local villagers

We can use help! In finding the wreck and completing the story. The Find and Help page will give all information on how to help and assist the project.



The book KAIS on the crash and rescue is now available. Click here for more information.